The member accepts the transmission and/or management of the terms of his contract to/from third party partners that may be insurers, insurance companies and/or investors and/or any other companies with which the mediator collaborates, in accordance with the provisions of the status of the organization Terrafricaine. Within the framework of their realization and particularly as regards the transmission or the management, the mediator must consider any data relating to each of the members by submitting it to a treatment, a reception, a use, a recording, a transmission to a third partner.

  1. The name and address of the controller

Our partner-company responsible in accordance with data protection regulations is:

Jörg Huber

Werastr. 49

70190 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49 71124866690


        2. Name and Address of the Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officer of the controller is Mr. Johannes Czekalla.

Each member as “data subject” can contact our data protection officer directly and at any time for any questions and suggestions concerning data protection.

        3. Membership

The registred Association …………………… or anyway Sir or Madam……………………… as Terrafricaine-Sustaining Member

        4. Insured Person

Sir or Madam…………………as Terrafricaine-sustaining member und individually ensured

         5. Legal basis, consent to data processing
        (1) The Member expressly agrees that all personal data, in particular special personal data, such as data
              relating to the health of persons to be insured, may be stored by the intermediary(s) in accordance with the
              legal provisions of the Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)
              and transmitted to companies known to the Member for mediation and administrative purposes
        (2) Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) and b) DSGVO constitutes the legal basis for the processing of the member’s personal
        (3) This consent applies irrespective of the conclusion of the contract requested and also to the corresponding
              examination for insurance contracts to be requested elsewhere or for future claims of the participant
        (4) The member also agrees that the free insurance broker Johannes, the association and the association’s
               representatives may store the data in support of the insurance broker and use them exclusively for the
               purposes of executing the contract
        (5) The broker(s) may transmit the client‘s data, in particular data relating the member‘s health, to obtain
               statements and expert opinions, as well as the legal examination of the claims of persons (e.g. lawyers and
               tax advisors) subject to professional secrecy

        6. The authority of the insurer (the contracting party)
        (1) The member agrees that all information and data that might be important for the desired insurance cover
               may be passed on to the potential contractual partner (e.g. insurer). These potential contractual partners
               have the right to record and use the contract data – in particular health data – within the scope of the
               subject matter of the contract for the appropriate examination and subsequent performance of the
        (2) To the extent necessary for the conclusion and extension of the contract, such data, including health data,
               may be transmitted confidentially to reinsurers or co-insurers in order to assess the contractual risk.

         7. Employees and sales partners
              The member declares his consent for all employees and agents of the intermediary to store, access and use
               his personal data, in particular health data, for consultation with the member and the insurer. The agent’s
               employees include all employees, independent sales agents, referral agents and other enforcement agents
               who maintain a contractual agreement with the agent and comply with the provisions of the Federal Data
               Protection Act. The Member agrees that his personal data, financial situation and health data may be
               transmitted to this employee and future employees of the broker for contractual support purposes and that
               his employees shall have the right to consult, process and use the Member’s data in the context of the
               subject of the contract.

         8. Instruction rules
            The member asks its existing contract partners (e.g. insurers) to submit all contract data – including health
             data – to the agent(s) without delay. This is in particular a contract transfer, so that the agent can review the
             existing contract.

         9. The retention period for personal data
              Members’ data will be deleted after the end of the cooperation within the framework of the legal
              provisions, in particular the legal retention periods. The deletion periods may be extended accordingly for
              the defence in court of any claims for damages. Member agrees that the deletion allegation does not
              apply to audit-proof backup systems and is made in the sense of a blockage.

         10. The member’s rights as « data subject »
                The member is entitled to all the rights mentioned in chapter 3 (art. 12-23) of the DSGVO, in particular the
                 right to information, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, the right to object and the right to the
                  transferability of data.

         11. Cooperation partners
              The member knows that the intermediary cooperates with the cooperation partners within the framework of
               the tasks incumbent upon him under the contract. For this reason, the cooperation partners were
               authorized. In addition to the consent, the cooperation partner must also receive the data from the
               customer and be entitled to use, transfer or store the data in connection with this declaration of consent to
               data protection in order to execute the order in accordance with the order. The cooperation partners listed
               below are therefore granted the declaration of consent under the Data Protection Act to the extent of this
               declaration of data protection. This also applies in particular to sensitive personal data, in particular data
               relating to the member’s health. The member consents to the use of the data on the basis of this data
               protection agreement with the following companies:

            (1) Finanzkonzept-Czekalla
            (2) Insurance Entrepreneurs
            (3) Others service providers
                The customer agrees to the transmission of the data to the aforementioned companies, insofar as this is
                 necessary for the execution of the agent’s order.

         12. Legal successor
              (1) The member agrees that the information, data and documents, in particular health data, collected,
                     processed and stored by the broker(s) on the basis of this data protection declaration may be transferred
                     to a possible legal successor of the broker(s), or an acquirer of the insurance portfolio so that it can also
                     fulfill its contractual and legal obligations as the legal successor of the intermediary.
              (2) Membership data required for the evaluation of the brokerage may also be provided to a potential
                    purchaser of the brokerage. Special personal data, in particular health-related data in accordance with
                    Art. 4 No. 15 of the DSGVO, shall not be considered as data required from members in accordance with  sentence 1. They cannot therefore be passed on to a potential purchaser. According to paragraph                      1, such data will only be provided after the actual sale or legal succession. 

          13. Emergency clause for holidays and replacement in the event of illness
                The member expressly agrees that the broker may be represented by another licensed insurance broker.
                 Cases of representation include: absence on holiday, illness, incapacity for work or death. If the client’s
                 interests must be represented, the insurance broker or agent will act as the authorized representative. The
                 company takes over the representation and receives access rights to the members’ data. The member also
                 agrees with that. The authorisation is granted for the following person/company:

                 Jörg Huber, Werastr. 49, 70190 Stuttgart
                 Tel.: +49 71124866690, E-Mail:

                  If a necessary representation case arises, the above-mentioned cooperating broker acts as executing
                  agent and under the subsidiary authorization of the broker.

            14. The transmission of data to third parties
                  The agent intends to transfer the customer’s personal data only in the event of an insured event. The
                  Member hereby expressly consents there to.

            15. Existence of an automated decision-making process
                  The cooperation’s agent waives automatic decision making or profiling.


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